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QANA Thermomixe Style multi-function blender mixer baby cooker robot food processor

Functions: chop, blend, mix, grind, grate, cook, steam, whisk, knead, ect...

Accessories included:
kneading blade - blade cover - upper steamer
Butterfly - spatula - inside plastic steamer

• Easy & smart drive.
• Low Gear Technology: maximum power at low rpm
• It has Turbo Boost Function: crush and spray at maximum speed
• Large capacity 3L stainless steel blending & heating jar
• 2 layer outside steamer
• Blue LCD screen display
• Adjustable temperature levels: from 20℃ to 120 ℃
• Variable 12 speeds control: Speed 1-5 for kneading; Speed 6-11 for blending; Speed 12 for turbo blending
• With 60 minutes time setting
• Security Check System: security device that ensures closure

• Dry boil protection




Contact: lee

Phone: +86 15816888586

Tel: +86-755-88862883;6008

Email: sales@qana.cn

Add: Zone A, Floor 4, Shengbo Ind. Zone, No. 154, Yousong Road, Longhua, Longhua New Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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